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Pippy Pants

The Ziggy - Soft Stretch Pull On Footed Bottoms

The Ziggy - Soft Stretch Pull On Footed Bottoms

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Pants and Socks UNITE!

Pippy Pants combine pants and socks to make fun and practical footed bottoms!

You're buying more socks for your toddler? But didn't you just buy a new pack a couple weeks ago? Oh, yeah - the mighty missing sock dilemma. They get lost in the laundry. Plus, kiddos yank them off every chance they get, dropping them anywhere, never to be found again. So, you're stuck constantly buying new socks or outfitting them in mis-matched pairs - until now. Pippy Pants have those problems licked. Choose stylish bottoms with the socks attached!

The Zig is sure to be a favorite. This pants-and-sock combo features navy pants and baby blue socks with fun black-and-white zebras. What child doesn't enjoy animals on their feet? Even better, what parent doesn't love a simple solution that saves time and money. No more time wasted time hunting down missing socks. No more money blown on the endless sock-purchasing cycle. Instead, outfit your little one in Pippy Pants for the win!


Product Details


  • 96% cotton / 4% spandex
  • Super-soft 2-way stretch fabric
  • Slim-fit unisex pants
  • Comfort stretch waistband for easy on & off


  • 75% cotton / 20% polyester / 5% spandex
  • Seamless construction for ultra-comfort
  • Ribbing at top
  • Bump-free toe seam
  • Rubber grippers on the socks for extra traction


The Pippy Pants Difference:

  • NO more kiddos removing socks
  • NO more searching endlessly for matching socks
  • NO more matching socks to their partners
  • NO more socks lost in the washing machine
  • NO more figuring out which socks still fit
  • NO more ankle gap when it’s cold outside

…AND they still look like you're wearing regular pants and socks.

Pippy Pants are like footie pants, but better! They're pants with actual socks attached. These footed bottoms are one of the most useful mom gifts.

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